About Us

Who We Are

We highly value relationships and collaboration. Passionate about our work, we maintain a constant focus on what drives our tenants, investors and clients. We are strategic as well as creative when identifying and executing solutions.

Tango accomplishes our mission by exceeding our client’s expectations.

The principles in Tango have more than 40 successful projects where we have strategically acquired, redeveloped or repositioned them to maximize return.

Tango Development has a strong financial reputation with our investors. We target a 7-9% current pay monthly preferred return with a full cycle internal rate of return (IRR) of 11%-15% based on project type and risk.

To create trust-based investment relationships with each investor based on our stated return strategy and meeting or exceeding our projections.

Our Mission

Our core business is the ownership of high-quality, commercial, residential and multi-family properties with the primary business objective to maximize the total return to investors. We do this through strategically acquiring, redeveloping and re-positioning properties, as well as re-leasing and managing these properties for maximum return.

Our Values

Integrity: Building and sustaining trust through honesty and reliability to maintain successful, long-term relationships.
Teamwork: Working together to achieve and sustain results that improve the effectiveness and satisfaction.
Quality: Consistently delivering results through hard work and innovation that meet or exceed expectations.
Respect: Admiration for the abilities of our team, our clients, our community and our partners.
Financial Success: Providing solutions that contribute to financial stability and growth.